Barbarian Heroes

Other heroes: Element, Dark, Human, Saint, Barbarian, Dungeon

Bloody Hand

character pictures-15[ACTIVE] Meteor Hummer – Deals 215% damage to an enemy and the two enemies to its rear, and has a 50% chance to stun the enemies for 1 round.

[Passive] Huge Body – Increases HP by 45%

[Passive] Serial Strike – When ordinary attack has been dodged, deal an additional must hit attack, inflicting 230% damage, with 80% potential to stun the enemy for 1 round.

[Passive] Rolling – Deals 180% extra damage to stunned enemies

Barbarian King

character pictures-10[ACTIVE] Assault Chop – Inflict 490% damage to any 1 of the enemy. If the enemy is in the back-line, has a 90% chance to stun them for 1 round.

[Passive] Fury Control – Each 24% reduction of HP will increase 18% critical rate and 48% attack.

[Passive] Bullying – When the attack is critical, gains (100% attack) Hp

[Passive] Odin’s Anger – When about to be killed, keeps 1% HP and gains 99% addition reduce hurt for 1 round. Each battle takes effect once.

Oblivion Dragon

character pictures-11[ACTIVE] Dragon Roar – Deals 140% damage to all enemies, and has a 20% chance to petrify the enemy for 1 round, and gains (130% attack) HP

[Passive] Ancient Dragon – Increases attack by 35%, hit by 20%

[Passive] Dragon Power – Once ordinary attack has finished, enemy’s attack will decrease by 40% for 2 rounds

[Passive] Wake Up – When HP is less than 30%, heals all our heroes (50% attack) HP.


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