Dungeon Heroes

Other heroes: Element, Dark, Human, Saint, Barbarian, Dungeon

Guardian – F2

character pictures-13[ACTIVE] Heroic Jump – Deals 310% damage to random 1 enemies. Has a 90% chance to stun the enemy for 2 rounds

[Passive] Alloy Armor – When damaged, has a 70% chance to counterattack, dealing 65% damage

[Passive] Head Mallets – Ordinary attack hits or counter attack hits have 30% potential to stun the enemy for 1 round.

[Passive] Perish Together – When the hero dies, there is a 25% chance to stun enemies for 1 round.

Tree Dozer – F1

character pictures-12[ACTIVE]Goblin Missle – Deals 155% damage to all enemies and causes the enemy to bleed for 2 rounds, dealing 45% damage per round

[Passive] Excellent Technics – Increases attack by 45%

[Passive] Electric Saw – Ordinary attack hits will cause enemy to permanently bleed. Every round will inflict 45% damage.

[Passive] Go Ballistic – When HP is less than 50%, increases the hero dodge by 35% and attack by 35% for 3 rounds.


character pictures-14[ACTIVE] Electric Shock – Deals 270% damage to random 2 enemies and reduce the enemies’s hit by 40% for 2 rounds

[Passive] Electricity Armed – Every attack, has a 45% chance to deal 130% additional damage, and also has chance to reduce the enemy’s hit by 20% for 1 round.

[Passive] Dazzling – Increases attack by 55%

[Passive]Continuous Invention – After the release of the skills, has a 75% chance to recover all of the furry.


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