Bow Punisher

Bow Punisher

Saint Ranger

 Originally a member of humanity. She was captured and sold by the alliance during the racial war against the barbarians. After refusing to surrender and being subjected to ill-treatment, she experienced the ultimate punishment, death. After dying, she received the call of the Saints Holy Power and was reborn again, equipped with armor, a heavy helmet, and a razor clam.

In charge of her disease, she has a strong hatred for humans who betrayed her, abandoning her to the barbarians. She may not be the strongest ranger individually but she is very helpful for the team.

She will launch a war of revenge against humanity!


[ACTIVE] Flurry Arrow – Deals 265% damage to the back-line enemies and decreases enemy’s attack for 40% for 2 rounds

She is currently the only ranger that can directly attack the enemy’s back row and can significantly suppress the enemy’s ability. The effect of multiple punishments can be superimposed.

[Passive] Swift Wind – Increases speed by 15% increases dodge by 20%

Although wearing armor, it does not hinder her speed or flexibility (dodge).

[Passive] Annihilation – During ordinary attack hit or pursue hit, enemy’s dodge will decrease by 15% and enemy’s armor will decrease by 35% for 2 rounds

[Passive] Multiple Shooting – Ordinary attack hit has 60% potential to deal an additional must hit attack, inflicting 100% damage

Additional must hit attack will be dealt with the enemies armor decreased by 35%

Lineup Recommendation

Saint:  Panda + 2 Bow Punishers + 3 Monkey King (or Taurus or Dragon Hunter), DPS units are free to choose.

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