Community Tier List

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Community Tier List

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TOP 5 Heroes by votes

  1. Night Daughter
  2. Captain Hook
  3. Monkey King
  4. Phoenix
  5. Bow Punisher

10-Star Abilities 

Night Daughter

character pictures-3[ACTIVE] Moon Shadow – Deals 280% damage to an enemy and the two enemies to its rear, and it is a must hit attack

[Passive] Moon Light – Increases attack by 25% and critical by 15%

[Passive] Lunar Eclipse – When the attack is critical, there is a 70% chance to ignore the enemy’s armor

[Passive] During Moon – If the enemy is a Warrior, dealing an additional 140% damage

Captain Hook

character pictures-4[ACTIVE] Bullet Screen – Deals 135% damage to all enemies, and has a 30% chance to petrify them for 1 round.

[Passive] Enchanted Ammo – Increases critical by 30%, critical damage by 35%

[Passive] Brutal – Ordinary attack hits, hero’s critical damage will increase by 65% (stackable)

[Passive] Treacherous – Additional 180% damage to the petrified enemy

Monkey King

character pictures-9[ACTIVE] Thunder Palm – Deals 365% damage to the enemy with lowest HP, and steals its attack by 60% and crit by 25% for 2 rounds.

[Passive] Dexterous – Increases attack by 30%, critical by 20%

[Passive] Monkey Boxing – Ordinary attack hits, steal 25 of enemy’s fury points

[Passive] Crazy Grab – Change normal attack to deal 160% damage to the enemy with the lowest HP


character pictures-7[ACTIVE] Falling Flame – Deals 110% damage to all enemies, and heals all our front-line heroes (85% attack) HP

[Passive] Sacrifice – When taking in an attack (including being dodged), restore our hero with the lowest HP (30% attack) HP

[Passive] Dedication – When the hero dies, increases all heroes attack by 40% for 1 round

[Passive] Nirvana – The hero will reborn immediately after the death with 70% HP

Bow Punisher

character pictures-6[ACTIVE] Flurry Arrow – Deals 265% damage to the back-line enemies and decreases enemy’s attack for 40% for 2 rounds

[Passive] Swift Wind – Increases speed by 15% increases dodge by 20%

[Passive] Annihilation – During ordinary attack hit or pursue hit, enemy’s dodge will decrease by 15% and enemy’s armor will decrease by 35% for 2 rounds

[Passive] Multiple Shooting – Ordinary attack hit has 60% potential to deal an additional must hit attack, inflicting 100% damage

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