Ancient Tree

Ancient Tree

Elemental Priest

The Ancient Tree of life is one of the most respected nature spirits. Under his prayer, the Elemental family have lived a peaceful life for hundreds of years. Until the dark family pollution of the earth and endless human deforestation severely affected their prosperity.

Enough is enough. The Ancient Tree of life left the forest to help other people rise up. They believed that protecting the environment of the family of elements is imminent, they vowed to let the saboteurs pay the price.

The ancient tree of life can awake the plan elves to jointly maintain the peace of the earth, borrow the power of the plant elves, suppress the ability of the enemy to recover, protect his teammates from bloodshed, and protect the homes on which the people depend.


Twisting roots: Inflict 180% damage to any 3 enemies, decrease their extra healing by 70% for 2 rounds and gains (100% attack).

Core point is to reduce the effect of the enemy being treated, lowering the restoration of hit points.  Reducing the recover ability of enemy heroes, especially Phoenix, Barbarian King with resurrection as the core and DPS with bloodthirsty statues.

HP Rough skin: Immune to bleeding and silence, and improve its own extra healed effect 35%

Thick flesh: Increase HP by 25% and Reduce Hurt by 15%

Tranquil: Once this skill is cast, heal your heroes in the back row for 2 round(s). Recover the equivalent of 6.0% of their respective total HP every round. Immunity to bleeding during healing

 Lineup Recommendation

Elemental: Fire Wing, Ancient Tree, Death Clock, Black Disaster, Cerberus, Cerberus.

Rainbow: Guardian F2, Ancient Tree, Bow Punisher, Night Daughter, Wind Knight, Barbarian King.

The core of this rainbow lineup is to protect the back row damage output. There are more substitutions, such as Knight king/captain hook, etc.

Mad Priest : Phoenix, Oblivion Dragon, Ancient Tree, Plague Envoy, Dawn Star, Tree Dozer – F1.

Buff/Debuff madness. The damage output is mainly provided by Tree Dozer – F1.

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