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Posting Weekly Update notice. Makes for easy tracking of updates.

My thoughts in Quotes.

  1. [New] On the upper right hand side of the city a new World Cup Quiz event has been added, with 3 types of quiz methods. Use gems to bet for your favorite team and get a chance to win time limited avatars. Gems used for betting are not counted in Gems Tycoon Event. In Addition, accurately guess the champion in the Championship Quiz game to get a champion avatar (permanent).

    Event lasts over 6 weeks, Gem Tycoon is not necessarily dropping next event.

  2. [Adjustment] Damage reflecting mechanism adjusted: The amount of damage reflected back on the attacking side will simply be based on the amount of HP lost by the defending side.
  3. [Adjustment] Adjustment to Shadow Tower Bosses’ HP. Added 2 levels of points bonus.

    Points bonus. Reaching 40,000 points now gives 5 Magic Fruit and 13M gold. Receiving roughly 3,038 points for clearing each level, that requires just over 13 completions. More on this later.IMG_3425 2.png

  4. [Notice] After the opening skills in Astrolabe are activated, you can choose which opening skills to use in the layout interface before each battle. Using opening skill in battle will not result in any consumption.
  5. [Adjustment] Astrolabe opening skill adjustment. Decrease in rate of reflection of Thorny Outer Shell but increase in damage.

    Before: Being attacked gives 50% chance. After: Being attacked gives 21% chance.

  6. Hero adjustments.

hero adjustments 6.7.png

7. [Optimization] Parts of the UI and notifications have been optimized.


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