Punk Fists

Punk Fists

Dungeon Assassin

The dungeons, as the most mysterious family of brave people in the mainland, have always worshipped the power of science and technology. Floyd Mayweather was a famous boxer in the underground boxing ring, but his fists are no longer strong with age and trauma, and he may have to withdraw from the boxing ring. The clever gnome throws an olive branch to Floyd and promises to use his latest technology to transform him and keep him in the glory years.


Heavy Fists:Inflict 450% damage to the enemy unit with the least HP, decreasing its Hit rate by 30%, this also has a 50% chance to stun the enemy for 1 round(s) (stackable)

The heavy fists ability not only can cause a great deal of damage but at the same time the stunning effect can trigger four skill effects, resulting in two attacks, the amount of damage bursting.

Quick Feet:Increases Anti Crit by 40%, increases dodge by 20%

Though Floyd is old, the boxing instinct has not been forgotten.

Fury Control:Ordinary attack hits, gain an additional 50 fury points

Pursuit of victory:When your ordinary attack or skill attack hits a stunned enemy, you will cast an extra active skill to this target , with no fury point consumed.

If the enemy has a resurrection skill, such as panda or phoenix, the effect of resurrection is still stunned.

Lineup Recommendation

Punk Boxer is currently the single strongest DPS unit, whether in PVE or PVP gameplay. However, as a rare camp hero, it is difficult to obtain.

Dungeon: 2 Guardian F2 + 4 Punk Fists

Rare: Guardian F2 + Barbarian King + Punk Fists + Blood Hand + Punk Fists + Barbarian King.

Rainbow Assassin: Firewing (or Ancient Tree) + Black Dragon + Barbarian King + Punk Fists + Monkey King + Death Envoy. Fire wing for Tank with 5 powerful DPS assassins. The positions can be adjusted according to the lineup of the opposing team. Pay attention to the speed difference between the heroes and adjust with the statue.


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