Barbarian King

Barbarian King

Barbarian Assassin

After the tribes and humans almost died, the young Morma embarked on a wandering road. Throughout his journey he constantly fought against people of various tribes exercising their own unique martial arts and skills. A large number of barbarians were attracted by his charm and force, and sworn allegiance to follow him. Unconsciously, he has become the ruler of the barbaric land.

In order to revenge, and in order to make the people get a better life, he is uniting the dungeon partners to study the new halo effect and achieve great success. The two tribes are ready to formally declare war on the human beings living in the rich land.


Assault Chop – Inflict 490% damage to any 1 of the enemy. If the enemy is in the back-line, has a 90% chance to stun them for 1 round.

Fury Control – Each 24% reduction of HP will increase 18% critical rate and 48% attack.

Up to 3 bonuses are available, and the bonus effect is permanently effective in this battle and will not be reduced by the increase in blood volume.

Bullying – When the attack is critical, gains (100% attack) Hp

If you wear him a crit attribute magic weapon, with 2 skills, plus bloodthirsty statues, a new occupation is born.

Odin’s Anger – When about to be killed, keeps 1% HP and gains 99% addition reduce hurt for 1 round. Each battle takes effect once.

Lineup Recommendation

Rare: Guardian F2 + Barbarian King + Punk Fists + Blood Hand + Punk Fists + Barbarian King.

Rainbow Assassin: Firewing (or Ancient Tree) + Black Dragon + Barbarian King + Punk Fists + Monkey King + Death Envoy. Fire wing for Tank with 5 powerful DPS assassins. The positions can be adjusted according to the lineup of the opposing team. Pay attention to the speed difference between the heroes and adjust with the statue.

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  2. Are you positive that Barbarian King’s 2nd Skill “Fury Control” is only able to activate three times? If I’m not mistaken, the math decreasing by 24; [100] > 76(1) > 52(2) > 28(3) > 4(4)
    *(Number Of Total Possible Procs)
    Please Correct me if I’m wrong, or if their is another reasoning behind it only procing three times. Thank you! Also, do you know of a detailed Badge/Statue Guide for all heroes? So many people ask, but yet their is nothing to provide is information. Now that, would be a guide worth paying for!

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