Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Human Mage


Among the snow-capped mountains in the northern part of the brave mainland, there is a small human country. The people here are pure and kind, and have always lived a life without a fight. But don’t underestimate them. Because of their relationship with the environment and the pure mind, they are born with a high degree of ice and snow affinity, and everyone has a certain magical ability. Outstanding people such as Princess Anna can control large snow, immune freezing effect, and have super fighting abilities.

As with all the old stories, the ease of life was finally broken, and fortunate things happened. The barbarians from the north went to discover them and forcibly took away Anna’s mother. The angry Princess Anna used her mysterious ability to lead the Humans to defeat the Barbarian King. After this war, her ability was respected by the world, and she was known as the Ice Queen by all!

Many people believe that the rangers are the bravest heroes in the world. In fact, this is not the case. The Assassins have proved themselves, now it’s time for the Ice Queen to combine her beauty and strength.


Frosted Nova Deals 125% damage to all enemies with a 30% chance to freeze for 1 turn, and 50% chance to dispel the enemy’s buff.

The core ability of Frost Nova is to disperse. The highest 50% chance to dispel all non-permanent gain states of the enemy, such as attacks, crit, blast bonus, etc.; will not dispel negative states such as bleed, silence, petrification, etc. In particular, the immune effect can not be dispelled, such as immune freezing, petrification, and other effects can not be dispelled; Barbarian Kings shield can be dispelled but the attack and crit add a permanent gain and cannot be dispelled.

Bone-chilling General attack can reduce the enemy’s hit by 20% and has a 25% chance to freeze enemy for 1 round.

Frosty Blood Immune to freeze and deals an additional 110% damage to frozen enemies.

Extremely Cold Boundary When health is less than 30%, she will gain an additional 60% reduce hurt, and every round restores 25% of the total HP for 2 round(s)

With the rainbow aura and the injury-free guardian statue, Anna has super survivability, the mainstay of Human. Special note: The effect of the skill will only be triggered when her HP is below the critical 30% value. If she is directly killed before this, the effect cannot be triggered.


Lineup Recommendation

The Frost Queen is currently the only hero with a dispelling effect. Her arrival can bring many unexpected effects to the battle. Whether in the PVP or PVE, BOSS battle, as long as it can dispel the enemy’s gain state, her value is reflected. At the same time, the frost star has a good ability to control the field, and the recommended direction of the small series is to strengthen the survival.

Human: Paladin + Frost Queen + 2 Wind Knight + 2 Captain Hook

The pure human camp has a high fault tolerance rate, which can be adjusted according to its own preferences. The captain is relatively PVP, while the wind knight is PVE.

Master Team: Barbarian King + Frost Queen + Taurus + Inventor + Nine-headed Dragon + Black Disaster

If you have other lineup recommendations or tips, please leave a message!

Ice Queen Stats


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