Saint Warrior

Bahamut is the God of good dragons. He opposes any evil thing and cannot tolerate any evil act. As a noble primitive dragon, once his dignity is provocative, the enemy will be severely punished!


Fire Breath III Inflict 150% damage to all enemies, and have 30% potential to silence the enemy for 1 round. The skill inflicts an additional 120% damage to silenced enemies.

The game setting is to calculate the state first, and then calculate the damage, so the extra damaged caused to the silent unit is also effective this round.

Dragon Bloodline III Increase HP by 30%, increase Reduce Hurt by 20%

Imperial Offense IIIĀ An additional 13 fury points will be added when taking in an attack, hero’s attack will also increase by 20% for 1 round.

This effect can be multiplied in a single round, and the effect is increased once by one damage!

Dragon Rage IIIĀ When Hero’s HP is below 50%, increase hero’s attack by 30%, crit rate by 30%, and crit damage by 100% for 2 rounds.

Can only be trigged once per battle.

Lineup Recommendation

Saint Lineup: Bahamut + Bahamut + Phoenix + 3 Monkey King.

Rainbow teams can consider changing the original Panda tank to Bahamut.

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