Anniversary event coming August 10th

The specific start time of the anniversary is August 10th . The content is rich and there are many benefits. The small series will be released here for everyone, so stay tuned!

1. Combat system related adjustment

After a long period of data collection and testing, the game combat system will be adjusted during this anniversary.

This week, the Reduce Hurt adjustment is first carried out. As stated in the announcement, the Reduce Hurt is divided into permanent reduce hurt and temporary reduce hurt.

Temporary Reduce Hurts include Oldin’s Anger (Barbarian King), the Extremely Cold Boundary (Ice Queen), and Attached Spirit of Martyr (Astrolabe).

Permanent Reduce Hurt is limited to 60%, the total amount of Reduce Hurt is limited up to 99.9%

The formula of the battle calculation result is: the damage value * (1 – permanent Reduce Hurt – temporary Reduce Hurt)

During the anniversary, there will be certain restrictions on the property of the reduction of enemy armor % , and the specific plan will be announced later.

2. During this anniversary, Gorefiend will officially return to the barbaric army, and all summoners can go to summon!

The real warrior is born in the blood! This is the evaluation of the Gorefiend

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