Anniversary Event


New Wishing Pond

The high-level wishing pool is officially open, and the wishing fire crystal can be used to extract a large number of rare props, including the world fruit, six holy scriptures, the forgotten scroll, the eternal essence, the blue meteorite. Among them, the Eternal Essence is a high-level hero badge upgrade prop, which can break through the orange; the blue meteorite is the advanced material of the artifact, and the artifact can be advanced to the 4 attribute orange.

Unishing pond

The refresh price is 300 diamonds. 

Anniversary Week Card

The day will be issued according to the character level and VIP level at the time of purchase . The next day will be issued according to the character level and VIP level at the settlement point (the domestic version is 8:00 Beijing time). 

If the character level is 100, the summoner of VIP level 7 can get at least 9900K gold coins per day after purchase, 7 Wishing Fire Crystal and 99 tickets  reward, at least 69300K gold coins can be obtained in 7 days , 49 Wishing Fire Crystal and 693 Tickets Voucher . 
Reminder: You can buy it during the anniversary period. After the purchase, the system will issue a reward by mail every day. All the collection will take 7 days. 

anniversary card.png

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