New Human Hero: Faceless

Ultimate killer: Deals 365% damage to enemy with the least amount of HP and increases attack by 35% for 2 rounds, with a 65% chance to ignore armor.

(ignoring the armor can ignore the real armor).

Persistence: When the attack hits, there is a 50% chance to add a must attack, causing 120% damage.

Assassination: Ordinary attacks turn 130% damage to enemies with the least amount of blood. If the enemy’s life is higher than 50% , it will trigger “not dead” .

Hitting Weak Points: 55% chance of chasing hits, and ignoring armor.

Chasing refers to the attack mode of 2 skills, so in addition to the first attack, the additional 1 or 2 attacks have the probability of ignoring the opponent’s armor.

The faceless skill effect is very single and direct. It is a brute force attack. Whether it is a general attack or a skill attack, there is a certain probability of ignoring the enemy armor and causing a lot of damage.

The general attack three combos is her signature skill (up to three), and the trigger effect example is as follows:

After the enemy A in the faceless attack, A has 55% of the remaining blood, then the no-faced person will perform an undead combo, and there is a 50% probability to perform another undead. The performance is the second attack (50 %) or three combos (50%) ;

After the enemy B in the faceless attack, B has 45% of the remaining blood, and the faceless person has a 50% probability to carry out an undead. The performance is usually one attack (50%) or two combos (50) .

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