Blade of Flames [previously Flaming Panda] New Hero Introduction (video)

The brave people live in a southwestern region with a great ethnicity – the panda family. They have a million years of living history and are known as the “living fossil” of the brave mainland.  In the long-term harsh competition for survival and natural selection, many races of their contemporaries have become extinct, but the pandas are strong, in an advantage, and become “living fossils” preserved today.

Stealth Execution – Deals 150% damage to all enemies, and settle the target’s burning status with 150% damage.

Group attack, the effect is divided into two parts, one is directly caused by attack damage, calculated by the offensive and defensive formula; the second is to solve the burning state of the target with a 150% damage coefficient, the effect is the same as the skills.

Flaming sword Normal attack becomes 85% damage to the back row enemies

The target of the attack becomes the whole of the back row, and all hits can get 150 anger at a time, perfectly matching the lord level 2 skills.

Caster of evil Once ordinary attack has hit an enemy it will decrease their Reduce Hurt by 20% for 2 round(s) 

Holy fire After the Flame Blade releases the skill, the body gains 100000 shields . When the shield is present, all enemies are burned, resulting in 4% of the total blood damage per turn . 

If the value of the fire shield is not cleared, it will be permanent. However, if the shadow is released again, the shield value will be reset and cannot be superimposed. The burning state is triggered by the magic fire hood skill and normal settlement 100% damage (not resolved by other skills in advance). If the value of the fire shield is cleared, the burning state disappears immediately. Extra anger can increase the amount of direct damage from [No Shadow] and does not increase the amount of damage dealt by the Fire Mask.

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