New Hero introduction: Great sage equaling heaven

“Monkey brother, monkey brother, you really can’t!” As the most recognizable and representative hero of the brave mainland myths and legends, Great Sage Equaling Heaven, officially joined the holy camp this week. His arrival will surely bring new hope to the divine partners. Please follow the small series to understand his details.

Great sage equalling heaven

Hero introduction
Sun Wukong is one of the most famous mythical heroes in the brave continent. The ancestral home of Dongsheng Shenzhou was born from the celestial stone since the opening of the earth. Because it led the group of monkeys into the water curtain hole, it became the king of the monkeys and was honored as the “Monkey King.” After the thousands of mountains and waters, the Bodhi ancestor was a teacher, and he was named Sun Wukong. He learned how to count the seventy-two changes, the tendons, the immortality and other superb spells.

Sun Wukong, the first generation of Shentong, first made a big joke in the Dragon Palace, and he went to the life and death book, and then he was recruited by Tianjie and sealed as a horse. After learning that the position was low, he returned to Huaguoshan and defeated thefather and son, forcing the Jade Emperor to seal it as Qitian Dasheng, and to build a heavenly palace in Tianting.

Skill introduction (level 3 skill effect)
One skill – Monkey Monkey Sun <br> deals 220% damage to the first and the next two enemies, inevitably hits the first enemy armor, and has a 60% chance to stun the enemy for 1 turn.
The skill attack is an awl type, in which the front enemy will be ignored by the armor, and there is a probability of dizzying three people, effectively breaking and controlling.

The second skill – the wishful bar method<br> ordinary attack becomes 150% damage to the enemy with the highest enemy attack, and steals the enemy attack 30% for 2 rounds. 
Targeting high-attack opponents and improving their attack power. 

Three skills – eye-catching eyes <br> 50%increase in control, immune burn increased by 100% . 
The god-level skills acquired in the alchemy furnace are currently the only heroes with immune burning effects, and they are automatically controlled with high probability. 

Four Skills – Battle Soul <br> Starts an additional 15 anger ( increment ) every turn. The arithmetic progression of the difference series increases the extra anger of 15 points in the first round, 30 points of anger in the second round, and 105 points of anger in the seventh round, and so on. 

Skill introduction (lord effect)
First-level lord

After the release of “Monkey Monkey Sun” , it will definitely block the next attack. 
Deals an additional 20% damage to non-lord heroes. 
Improve the hero’s certain defense ability and block a damage. 

Secondary lord

The upper limit of anger is increased by 50 . 
An increase in the upper limit of anger can increase skill damage while maximizing the ability to “war” . 

Third-level lord

“Monkey Monkey Sun” steals an enemy attack 30% for 2 rounds. 
When attacked by a non-lord hero, 20%damage is reduced. 
Skills must be in the middle, if you hit three enemies, steal three attacks. 

Four-level lord

Each round starts to increase the hero attack by 30% and the damage by 10% (can be superimposed). 
As the number of rounds increases, the attack will be permanently increased, and the damage will be increased. 

Lineup recommendation
The most obvious two characteristics of Qitian Dasheng are that it can be completely free of control and is the only hero with the effect of immune burning. The second is the more brave , whether it is stealing attacks or attacking each round, adding damage, In addition to a large amount of anger improvement per round, the longer the battle, the stronger the ability. Qitian Dasheng attributes must ensure that the control is up to 100%, which is the bottom line requirement, and then improve the crit damage characteristics, equipped with bloodthirsty statues, astrology skills, spirits and blessings.

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