Leopard: Hero of the Week

The elemental camp new hero, Leopard, is an unyielding warrior who is good at grasping the timing of the battle and dares to attack any powerful enemy. 

Hero introduction

The Southern Forest of the Dragon has recently ushered in a new group of partners, the Leopard family.They are wandering and adventurous people who have been active in every corner of the continent.However, as the ecological environment was severely damaged and various prey died, they had to migrate to this point. In the first place, in order to prove their ability and value, they have officially joined the family of elements to fight for the last piece of paradise.

The leopard has strong limbs, flexible movements, strong jumping ability, and is more adept at climbing. Its character is very cruel and courageous, and it dares to initiate an active challenge to any enemy. The Leopard will form a new hunting group with the blood hunter.

Lineup recommendation
The Leopard is similar to blood hunting, positioning strong output , while taking into account certain auxiliary capabilities, the two are the core of the new type of attack team. The difference with blood hunting is that blood hunting is good at group, and the leopard is good at specialization, and the skills are very targeted. In terms of attribute matching, it is recommended to improve the attributes such as hero free control, dodge, and attack. In the BOSS battle, the Leopard can have a very good performance, and if the enemy is a human, the damage of the Leopard is increased.

Elemental lineup recommended: blood hunting + violent giant crocodile + life ancient tree + residual leopard + blood hunting + residual leopard. The new lineup takes the direct output as the core and discards the continuous damage effect of the Flame Lord. Blood hunting, violent giant crocodile and residual leopard can guarantee the output, and the ancient trees provide the ability to recover.

If you have other lineup recommendations or tips, please leave a message! (A constructive lineup recommendation or hero analysis will be rewarded!)

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