Asura: Hero of the week

Hero introduction

At the beginning of Hongmeng’s heaven and earth, the earth was chaotic, everything was born from nothing, simplified and multiplied, and species evolved continuously. Four seasons change, time passes, the sky is clear and the sky is gradually opening, the living things are flourishing, and the vitality is everywhere, just like the beauty of heaven.

The first batch of souls who possessed extraordinary powers were called gods and demons. They were both leaders and oppressors. All beings lived under their rule. Time flies, Vientiane renews, these ancient heroes who have been self-sealing and sleeping, they have felt the coming of the golden age, even if their strength is not alive, they do not fear any race.


Hero analysis
Asura’s starting hero in the ancient camp, Asura is fully capable. The hero’s four-dimensional attributes are slightly higher than other heroes. Multiple attacks of attack must be violent and real damage must be added, while the real armor and high resistance of the defense can be controlled and saved. But Asura’s weakness is also obvious, which is to break through anger. Without anger, the hero’s defense ability is greatly weakened.

The ancient camp has independent camp technology, which has been improved in addition to the restoration effect. Therefore, in terms of hero attribute matching, you can arbitrarily match according to the positioning of the hero in the team, and try to improve the explosion, injury-free, resistance and other To the upper limit. At the same time, the ancient camp can be compatible with the characteristics of any aura (with no restraint effect with any camp), and fully use the characteristics of the hero.

Asura heroes are more difficult to acquire and take longer to accumulate, so upgrading Lord Four requires comprehensive consideration of various ways to choose the best solution for himself. We suggest that the replacement and the independent upgrade should be carried out simultaneously, so as not to waste materials, and the ancient essence must be bought daily for reserves. The first method of double replacement ( Eight Stars and Lord Four ) is faster when the six canons are sufficient!

Skill introduction (level 3 skill effect)
One skill-Shura Bahuangquan <br /> launches 6 attacks against the enemy with the least amount of health, causing 110% damage each time. Each hit reduces enemy damage by 5% and armor by 12% for 2 turns.
6-stage attack and gradually increase the amount of damage, can effectively restrain the rebound flow and revive flow.

Second skill-King of Frozen <br /> Normal attack becomes 2 attacks on the enemy with the highest anger value, causing 80% damage each time, stealing 25 points of enemy anger each hit.
2 attacks plus anger can quickly accumulate anger.

Three skills-King Kong is not bad. <br /> When the rage value is higher than 99, the hero’s real armor is increased by 1200 points, and it is completely immune to control.
After being full of rage, the true armor value is greatly increased, and the full value is exempted from control ( 300% ).

Four skills-Wrath of Shura <br /> When the hero’s health is below 50% , the hero’s damage will be increased by 50% , the damage-free will be increased by 50% , and the rage will be restored by 50 points for 2 rounds. The half-blood burst ability has qualitative changes in both attack and defense. Basically it remains full for 2 rounds without damage, but it can only be triggered once.

Skill introduction (lord effect)
First lord
Enemies hitting more than 60% of their health will critically hit , and enemies hitting less than 40% oftheir health will definitely hit .
Deals an additional 20% damage to non-lord heroes.
Based on the enemy’s health at the time, both states cannot be triggered at the same time.

Secondary Lord <br /> Increased Rage Cap by 50  .
Anger is a core ability, raising the upper limit effectively resists being stolen.

Level 3 Lords <br /> Increases resistance by 30% , and does not exceed 40% of maximum health per injury. When Donkey Kong is not bad , resistance is increased to 60% , and each injury does not exceed 20% of maximum health.
20% damage reduction when attacked by a non-lord hero.
Super life-saving skills, to ensure that “Sura’s Wrath” can be released, and qualitative change is achieved even when full of anger.

Tier 4 Lord
“Sura’s Wrath” cannot be dispelled. In this state, each attack has 30% true damage.
Avoid the unexpected situation that the extreme state is dispelled, ensure “invincible” for 2 rounds and strengthen the output again.

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