ASURA, new aura/camp/ancient heroes

With a new aura and new technology, which can be adapted to any camp match, and never have to worry about your camp being unusable. At the same time, there are major changes in the full-service invitational tournament and hardcore updates.

About the setting of ancient heroes acquisition, star rise, replacement, etc. Ancient heroes can be obtained through advanced summons, world fruits, mysterious potions, six canons, etc., or through random five-star hero fragment synthesis, ancient camp five-star fragment synthesis, and hero body fragment synthesis.However, the heroic potion is invalidated in this faction’s hero synthesis, and the guild ring will not drop ancient hero fragments.

Ancient camp heroes can be members of any halo that activates the aura. The system automatically and intelligently determines it, following the principle of pure camp halo followed by 33 halo and finally chaotic halo. For example, when the team consists of 1 element, 1 human race, and 4 ancient heroes, activate “Element | Human Aura”; when the team consists of 1 element, 1 barbaric, and 4 ancient heroes, activate “Chaos Aura”. When the team is composed of 6 ancient heroes, activate the ” ancient aura “.

Ancient Aura

The ancient camp has an independent camp technology tree system, which can be illuminated layer by layer from top to bottom. The basic requirement is that each attribute of the previous layer is at least level 10, then the attribute bonus of the next layer can be turned on. Ancient heroes also have job categories, and can also enjoy the bonus effects of each class.

Ancient Camp Technology Tree

Qualifications open, full service

After the full-service invitational gameplay was launched, all players’ discussions on competition increased significantly, and some alternative techniques and methods were also discovered. In this version update, we have optimized the rules of the group stage points, the first victory points reward increased to 5 points , the same opponent defensive victory points can get a maximum of 1 time for a total of 1 point .

In addition, for some summoners, they also wish to participate in the full-service invitational tournament and compete with the gods of the same service. The third competition will be added to the qualification auction.We use a sealed auction method. The top ten summoners of the Legendary Arena in each region can participate in the auction to bid, and they can increase the price midway but can’t know the amount of others’ bids. At the end of the season, the top 10validbidders who take the full service bid will be eligible for additional invitations, and all other auctioneers’ diamonds will be returned.

Note : The top three summoners of each region’s season results and the summoners after the tenth season’s performance are ineffective bidders, and diamonds will also be returned. Therefore, the summoners who feel that the first three competitions are fierce and unstable can all obtain stable participation qualifications through auctions.

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