Sacred Warrior Crystal Lion Saint New Hero (Defeating BOSS) Introduction

In the name of love and blame for guarding, the prince eternally transformed into a crystal lion guards his kingdom and drives all adventurers who come to find treasure. The new BOSS of the Tower of Shadows, the crystal lion of the sacred warrior officially arrived.

Background introduction

The Arctic scenery, thousands of miles of ice and snow drifts, this is a bitter cold place away from the hustle and bustle. But there is no shortage of adventurers who come to find treasure, because there has always been a legend of an ancient country.

Legend has it that this was originally a place of life, where many generations of creatures inhabited it, and humans used the mighty lion as a totem. But in the pursuit of power, the king lost himself, unwilling to degenerate and want to sacrifice all his kind. The heroic prince had to wear a crystal armor to rebel against his father. Under the guidance of the god of light, he finally won, but the evil energy could not be spread. In order not to let the disaster spread, the prince chose to use his own Life came to guard this homeland.

In the name of love, with the responsibility of guardianship, the incarnation of the crystal lion has endless life, and the prince eternally guards his former homeland, driving away all adventurers.

What are your thoughts?

Will the new hero be released as the main prize on Easter?

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