Newly Added Gold Statue – Convert Statue Ability Added.

Total Cost to Advance Orange Statue to Max Gold = 170M Gold & 132.4K Inscriptions

Evolve Orange to Gold = 50M Gold & 30k Inscriptions

Upgrade Gold from lvl 16-20 = 12M Gold & 9600 Inscriptions

Upgrade Gold from lvl 20-24 = 18M Gold & 16k Inscriptions

Convert Statue = 3M Gold & 6k Inscriptions

Evolving, upgrading, and converting costs

When you Evolve an Orange statue to a Gold, the max level goes from 20 to 24, however, the Gold statue starts at 16, with the same stats as an Orange 20.

Orange Statue Evolve to Gold Statue Costs
Cost to Advance Gold Statue from level 16-20
Cost to Advance Gold Statue from level 20-24

Convert Statue. New feature added as seen below.

The costs remains the same regardless of what level your statue is. The cost is relatively inexpensive considering you can change a so-so max orange statue into a better suited statue for your heroes.

What are your thoughts on this new addition?

Cost to Convert Gold Statue. New Feature

Update Notice. [New Addition] 2 new types of statues have been added. Newly added Gold statue. This can be obtained by evolving full leveled Orange statue or by collecting Gold statue fragments and then summoned. [Feature] Gold and Inscriptions can be used to replace Gold statue.

In Game Notice

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