Easter Carnival 2020

Easter Carnival is an exchange event where Easter Eggs (1,2,3,4) can be exchanged for rewards, seen below. This year the Easter Carnival Event started on April 10th 2020 along with Wishing Pond, Advanced Wishing Pond, Arena, and Receiving Hero – Immortal Zombie.

Make sure to spend all of your Easter Eggs, there could be a special avatar waiting for you like other Holiday Events.

Before you purchase your Easter Chest Packs, or monthly card, consider using this link to purchase your gift card through amazon for either your apple or google play so a small portion goes to this site.

Available Easter Chest Packs for EpicSummoners
2020 Event Calendar – Easter

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Daily Easter Sign In Rewards

Additional Easter Eggs can be obtained through challenging the shadow tower boss, supreme battle, advanced summoning, world fruit, wishes, and advanced wishes. Rewards can still be exchanged for 7 days after the event, but exchange items will no longer be dropped.

Easter Carnival Exchange Rewards:

Easter Carnival Rewards
Easter Carnival Rewards
Easter Carnival Rewards
Easter Carnival Rewards
Easter Carnival Rewards
Easter Carnival Hero Rewards, Sandstormer
Easter Carnival Hero Rewards, Vast Sea Spirit, Valkyrie, Nine Tail Fox
Easter Carnival Hero Rewards, Immortal Zombie, Deep Sea Titan, Asura
Great Sage Equalling Heaven Lego


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