Hero Release: Crystal Lion. Skills, Lord Attributes, Analysis & Gameplay.

Crystal Lion Gameplay

Lion King’s Pride

Deals 135% damage to all enemies , reduces the enemy’s hit by 30% and bleeds for 1 round, causing 70% damage per round and 35% chance to paralyze the enemy 1 round. 
Group debuff soft control effect, the probability of each enemy being paralyzed is calculated separately.

Lion Roar

When attacked (including dodge), the hero’s true armor is increased by 240 , and the resistance is increased 12% for 2 rounds (can be stacked). 
Even if it is attacked once, even the crystal lion dodge can increase armor and resistance.

Lion Heart

Starts to receive 80,000 shields per round . When the shield is present, it increases the hero’s armor by 50%
Normal armor upgrade, excluding real armor. 

Lion Fury

When hero’s blood volume is less than 40% , dispel all negative states and immediately release the “Lion King’s Pride” to increase the hero’s attack by 100% and exempt control by 100% for 3 rounds. The trigger sequence of the skill effect is to dispel the negative state — improve the attack and control-free — release skills, because the control-free effect exists, it will not be controlled again. Poisoning-Prohibited action is a marker effect that cannot be dispelled, so if the lion is poisoned, the release of “Lion King’s Pride” after this skill is triggered will be prohibited. 

If a hero is cleared by a single blow with more than 40% health, this skill cannot be triggered!


first-level lord
When taken skill damage, it will trigger an additional “lion roar” effect and block 40% of this damage.  Inflicts an additional 20% damage to non-lord heroes . 
Suffered a skill attack, stacking 2 effects, real armor increased by 480, resistance increased by 24%. 

Second lord
“Lion Heart” enhancement: If the hero already has a shield, the hero with the lowest health gains 120,000shield value. 
Only judge whether the crystal lion has a shield (regardless of who provided it), for our hero except the crystal lion itself, the lowest blood volume is mandatory to add a shield (or replace the shield). 

Level 3 Lord 
“Lion Heart” Strengthened: When the shield breaks, there is a 50% chance to paralyze the enemy for 1 round. If the enemy is already paralyzed, 100% of the shield ’s true damage is dealt . 
When attacked by a non-lord hero, the damage is reduced by 20% . 
Strengthen the shield effect, but only the shield provided by the Crystal Lion has this effect, and the shields provided by other heroes such as Rui Beast have no paralysis and real damage effects. 

The fourth-level lord 
“Lion Fury” is strengthened: Heals himself for 3 rounds, recovering 25% of his total health per round , and granting heroes and our heroes with the lowest health each to 160,000 shield points. 
 In the same way, the shield adds to the teammate with the lowest health except the crystal lion itself. If the other party has a shield, it will be replaced. The effect of restoring the blood volume is limited to the lion itself.

Hero Analysis
Crystal Lion is a standard MT template, high blood volume, high armor, high resistance, high control-free must block, as the new main defense of the sacred camp is very In place. Shield is the core ability of the Crystal Lion. It has both defense and control and can cause damage. It can provide effective protection for yourself and your teammates. In terms of hero attributes, focus on blood volume, dodge, avoid violence, avoid control, everything is mainly defense, and it is not recommended to match the output configuration. 

Shield mechanism explained again. 

1. When the shield is present, the shield value will be deducted first if the damage is ordinary, the hero will not deduct blood; when the damage is higher than the shield value, the overflow damage will not cause blood to the hero, that is, 1 shield value can also be resisted 1 million single ordinary damage. 

2. The shield can only prevent ordinary damage, and cannot resist the real damage, bleeding, burning, poisoning and other continuous damage effects. 

3. Only one shield can exist on a hero . The new shield will replace the old shield, regardless of the shield value and special effects, only the time sequence . 

4. After the shield is replaced, the special effects attached to the shield will change accordingly, for example, the attack upgrade becomes a defense upgrade; the replacement will not cause the old shield to break, and it will not produce an additional cracking effect .

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