Tier Up to Level 300 Upgrade Costs

Tier UpGoldSoRSuccints
240 -> 2504.8M125060
250 -> 2605.6M160080
260 -> 2706.4M2000100
270 -> 2807.2M2500120
280 -> 2908.1M3000150
290 -> 3009M3600200
TOTAL TIER UP COST*41.1M13,950710
Tier up to Level 300 Costs

*This does not include the cost to level up between tier ups. Below is the accumulated cost to each level.

CostGoldSoRSuccintsSoul Shards (k)
To 25011.35M1250605240
To 26023.83M285014011430
To 27037.65M485024019240
To 28052.62M735036029080
To 29069.08M1035051041340
To 30087.12M1395071056580
Tier up to Level 300 upgrade Costs

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