The Great Dog, Saint Assassin Hero Introduction. Skill Overview [Video Gameplay] Coming 11.26.2020

Battle stats from video below.

The Great Dog, usually living in the deep mountains, has unimaginable strange powers and superpowers, and is a very powerful kind of monster in the mainland. For ordinary humans, the existence of tengu is a very scary thing. The most distinctive feature of The Great Dog is a scarlet face and a long big nose. It also has a pair of wings, with which Tengu can fly freely in the air.

Because of the weird image, stubborn and arrogant character, it is easy to be used and led astray. But in fact, he is a very principled and honest monster. Once you have identified your master, you will be very loyal.

It can be seen from the video that the defensive ability of the big tengu is generally low in control-free, but the attack ability is extremely strong, especially the skill attack. It can be seen that the effect of the Great Tengu skill is for all the enemies, and each enemy will be attacked 4 times. This effect has great restraint ability on the hero with the lock blood effect. In terms of BUFF, blindness, silence, and prohibition of action can be seen, and the big tengu itself also disperses and blocks. 

Skill introduction (level 3 skill effect) 
One skill-Feather Blade Storm

launches 3 attacks on all enemies , causing 65% damage each time, reducing enemy damage by 6% and resistance by 10% for each hit, Lasts 2 rounds. 

The enemy will damage all 3 times, and multiple hits can reduce the enemy’s more damage immunity and resistance.

The second skill-Iron Feather’s

Normal attack becomes 150% damage to a random enemy , and there is a 75% chance to dispel the enemy’s buff state (non-permanent). 

Random targets cannot be targeted and can have additional effects. 

Third skill-

Every time Tengu Dao hits an enemy, it will increase the hero’s armor penetration by 6% , attack by 4% , and damage by 4% for 3 rounds (stackable). 

Quickly increase the damage ability of the Great Tengu, and the effect of “Feather Blade Storm” is extremely obvious.  

Four skills-gust of wind

Causes additional 50% true damage to enemies in the elemental camp . The faction restrains the effect, but it is relatively useless to other factions.

Skill Introduction (Lord Effect)
first level lord

 has a 50% chance to purify his negative state or block the next attack every turn . 

 Deals an additional 20% damage to non-lord heroes . 

 The skill logic is the same as Nezha, the purification and block effects are calculated independently by 50%, and both can be triggered or not. If the 

second-level lord’s

anger is higher than the target when it hits, he has a 75% chance to silence the enemy for 1 round, otherwise he will steal all the enemy’s anger.

According to the different situations of anger of both sides, silence or steal all anger directly. 

When the third-level lord 

“Featherblade Storm” hits an assassin or ranger, there is a 40% chance to ignore the armor, and a 25% chance to blind the enemy for 2 rounds. 

When attacked by a non-lord hero, damage is reduced by 20% . 

Strengthen the damage and control effects on the assassin and ranger professions. 

4th-level lord 

At the beginning of each round, has a 30% chance to attach an inaction mark to the enemy mage or priest. 

 The halo effect can be triggered as long as the hero is present. The probabilities of multiple heroes are calculated independently of each other, but only one effect can take effect and cannot be superimposed. If there are two big tengu, the probability that each enemy mage/priest will be added with a prohibited mark is 

Hero analysis

The Great Dog has obvious advantages and disadvantages. The editor positions it as a deterrent backup hero that must be equipped in the hero package. The output and control are very strong, but both have certain limitations. The core control ability is the aura of prohibited action unblocked by Lord Four. The prohibited action is used as a marking effect. There is no restraint method yet. The Great Tengu’s prohibited action aura has a 30% probability and is very effective, but it only takes effect for priests and mage professions, and has great restrictions. The hero’s core output skill is “Feather Blade Storm” that can cause 3 damages to all enemies . As long as you hit multiple times, you can quickly increase your armor, attack and damage, while reducing the enemy’s resistance and damage immunity. . If the enemy’s profession is an assassin or a ranger, the probability of ignoring the armor will greatly increase the damage; if the enemy’s camp is an element, it can also add 50% real damage, and the output ability will increase linearly.

In terms of attributes, it is generally recommended that The Great Dog owner control the direction and strengthen his own defense capabilities, such as avoiding violence and injury. At the same time, the hit attribute and rage value of the Great Tengu need to be paid attention to. Only when “Feather Blade Storm” hits multiple times can the hero’s effect be maximized. 

To sum up, the editor recommends that you should always have one big tengu and match it according to your opponent’s lineup. If the main hero of the opponent is a priest of the mage, you can play 2 big tengu to control at the same time, if the opponent’s camp is mainly elemental, 2 or more big tengu can exert the output effect. In other cases, only one big tengu can perform probability control. In addition, after having a big tengu, doing PVE activities such as Dragon Island and Supreme, may have a major breakthrough.

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  1. You ruined the game with this character. It is way too powerful. It takes out entire teams of greater strength in round 2. Lost interest in the game. Maybe do some testing before you launch a new character next time.

    • Hi Matt, were you end game? I run a full saint team and find The Great Dog only useful in 2+ units. Even then, I find him hard to take out an entire team on round 2. Sorry you stopped playing 🙁

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