Soul Split Man, Hero Introduction Analysis (Soul breaker) Best new warrior in the game?

The initial gods and demons of heaven and earth came to the world, and their panic spread forever. The third hero of the ancient camp, the Warrior Soul Split Man, has officially arrived.

Hero Analysis

Soul split man is the third hero of the ancient camp, a professional warrior, with high blood defense and low attack. Epic Summoners has positioned it to be good at absorbing damage and supporting all-round BUFF. ” Nether Strike” must hit , with a high probability of being stunned , reducing the enemy’s damage and real armor, and attaching a certain crit mark, giving all teammates a good output environment. The ” Embarrassing” skill reduces the critical strike and damage of enemy heroes and weakens the output ability. The two auras improve the speed of teammates and the effect of comprehensive anger control. The skills of the Soul split man have a greater restraint effect on the Blessing Prayer and the Heroic Possession Astrolabe.

In terms of attribute matching, Epic Summoners also recommends improving the defensive attributes of the Soul split man, especially the freedom from control, which is a major weakness of the Soul split man. The Soul split man has a high probability of action, and is subject to hard control restrictions, while the effect of prohibiting an action is not obvious. The offensive ability is, but not strong, so it is more difficult to focus on cultivating offensive attributes. Comparing with Soul split man, heroes with multiple attack effects such as the Great Tengu (steal anger and control the field), multiple resurrection effects such as the Nether Emperor (Death Counterattack), and powerful healing effects such as the Ancient Tree of Life (blood loss and attack) .

In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of Soul Split Man are obvious. As a defensive and auxiliary hero, it is very brilliant. It is recommended that each team configure one. Multiple Soul Split Men can cooperate, and the halo effect and the death counterattack ability of teammates can also be superimposed, but relatively low cost performance. If the number of heroes is rich, you can try multiple battles.

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