Great Dog Tengu Coming In, Move over Great Sage

Great Dog Tengu better than Great Sage Equalling Heaven? Let's take a look and see why I booked my Leader Sage for Tengu with no regrets.
Great Dog Tengu Replacement

It’s no doubt Great Sage is one of the best damage dealers in the game. However, I felt in my lineup an additional Great Dog Tengu would be more beneficial. Yes, that’s right, an additional. To be exact, I now run 3 Tengu’s in my lineup.

To sum up

I recommend that you should always have one Tengu and match it according to your opponent’s lineup. If the main hero of the opponent is a priest or mage, you can play 2 great tengu. If the opponent’s camp is mainly elemental, 2 or more big tengu can exert the output effect. In other cases, only one big tengu can perform probability control. In addition, after having a great tengu, doing PVE activities such as Dragon Island and Supreme, may have a major breakthrough.

Previously posted hero introduction overview

The Great Dog has obvious advantages and disadvantages.

The output and control are very strong. The Great Tengu’s prohibited action aura has a 30% probability and is very effective and has great restrictions. The hero’s core output skill is “Feather Blade Storm” that can cause 3 damages to all enemies. As long as you hit multiple times, you can quickly increase your armor, attack and damage, while reducing the enemy’s resistance and damage immunity. If the enemy’s profession is an assassin or a ranger, the probability of ignoring the armor will greatly increase the damage. If the enemy’s camp is an element, it can also add 50% real damage, and the output ability will increase linearly.

 At the same time, the hit attribute and rage value of the Great Tengu need to be paid attention to. Only when “Feather Blade Storm” hits multiple times can the hero’s effect be maximized. 

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