Repairer F5 Can’t Repair 47 Million Damage

The new priest Repairer F5 of the dungeon camp officially descends on the Shadow Tower. Age is not a problem, knowledge is power.

Tengu/Great Sage Saint Lineup vs. Repairer F5

Background Introduction

The brave mainland goblin clan used to be slaves of other races. Due to their short stature and weak force, they were tortured. However, long-term oppression cannot make them abandon their ideals of independence and freedom, starting from the details, lighting up the technological tree of ethnic characteristics, and relying on technology to flourish. The current dungeon camp is already one of the six major forces on the mainland.

The goblin clan came up with a lot of fantastic ideas and put them into practice. They will never slack in the pursuit of freedom and technological prosperity.

Granny Bi was once famous for her invincible skills in making weapons, and with her unparalleled wisdom and peace of mind, she has always enjoyed honor and lived to an advanced age. Now she brings her latest work, Repairer F5.

Initial Thoughts on Repairer F5

It can be seen from the video that the attack ability is strong. The attack range of the skill is all the enemies and each enemy will be attacked 3 times. The logic is the same as that of the great dog tengu, with additional hit reduction, defense reduction, burning, etc. negative effects. In defense, at the beginning of each round, he will add shields, anger, and blood. But at the same time, the repairer’s F5 type of ordinary attack ability is weak, and controlling anger is still the best way. 

Previously featured in our article ‘Top damage dealers‘, Great Sage still impresses me.

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