Spirit Group Upgrade 10 Star

What is the highest star group upgrade level for spirit hall?

10 Star is the highest Spirit Group upgrade. See below. Up until 5 stars you will have yellow stars and once you hit 6 to 10 stars, they will be red.

What are you going to 10 star first?

Personally, I’m going for speed.

For more commonly asked questions about the spirit hall, please check out the Spirit Hall FAQ (some examples questions and answers below).

Spirit Hall can be a little difficult to understand at first, depending how your mind works. The first 35 rows do twothings simultaneously. All of your heroes will get whichever two attributes, but the adding or reducing damage attribute will actually be applied to only a certain major on the enemy team! i.e. if you get +HP, and 1% adding damage to Assassin, for example, then every one of your heroes will have added HP and do extra damage, but will only do extra damage to the enemy heroes which are Assassins. This also adds up with Combat Lab, so caps stay the same, more on that here.

  • Does spirit hall affects everything? GC, arena, clan war, ST and SB?
    • Spirit hall changes the whole hero data base for everything
  • Are there any other ways to earn Spirit Potions or Spirit Coins?
  • Should I remove all armor from heroes before entering the Spirit Pagoda? 
    • Yes, it has appeared to make the easier to beat, leading to higher chance of collecting all the prizes.
  • How many Spirit Coins can I earn daily?
    • 730 from basics, without using % additions. 
  • When refreshing Spirit Island, does it recycle the same teams, or give you new ones? If it gives you new ones, should I remove equipment before refreshing like the first time of the day?
    • Gives you new ones but of the same low ratingno need to remove equipment again

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