Event Calendar 1.29.2021 Update, Moon Knight

Event Calendar January 29 2021
Event Calendar Update

Event Calendar 1.29.2021, we were correct with Wishing Pond & Advanced Wishing Pond, Exchange (Thor and Faerie Dragon), and Lucky Deviation. Unfortunately we were incorrect about the Spring Festival starting and Moon Knight being released. We can only hope for next week. Next week we’ll also see Summon, Pub, Mysterious Potions, and Fantasy Place… Perhaps Moon Knight will show up then as a new hero is usually in the bottom right square.

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Event Calendar 1.29

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  1. Moon Knight is not the next new hero being released. And Spring Festival event starts next week and lasts for 2 weeks. Message me on NS1 and I can give you an invite link to the new ES discord with all the info and leaks there. ChompOnThis in game also

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