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Epic Summoners Centaurion

New Hero Introduction

Centaurion, source of pain was born in a nightmare. It was originally an invisible state and turned into a tangible demon. It is a concrete object of many living nightmares and possesses extremely powerful abilities.

There are different opinions on the mystery of the birth of the source of pain, the most widely spread is the goddess nightmare theory.

According to legend, it was born from the nightmare of the goddess. The immortal goddess accumulated a lot of fear and pain over a long period of time, and could no longer be restrained by sleep, so the source of pain escaped from the body of the goddess.

Its existence is fear and pain itself. Those who hear it will feel the darkest secret in their hearts whispering in their ears. It calls the fear hidden in all heroes, and brings them endless pain, even if they don’t sleep, it won’t help, because the source of pain will trap the enemy in nightmares with the fire of its burning soul.

The power of the source of pain lies in its indeterminability. As soon as the source of pain appears, all heroes will think of the terrifying darkness in their hearts. This is a perception that comes from the depths of their hearts involuntarily.

Centaurion Game Play, Dragon Island Level 716

Hero Analysis

Centaurion, Source of Pain As a new mage in the dark camp, it integrates output, control, and assistance, and also has a blocking effect. It has become a relatively strong new hero. In terms of attack, the basic attack can steal the attack power of 3 enemies, and the attack bonus is strong; 50% of the health can trigger the permanent crit damage bonus; 80% probability of ignoring the opponent’s armor during a critical attack; skill group attack All the damage, so all kinds of, the output ability of the source of pain has been guaranteed. At the same time, when the hero critically strikes, he can purify his own negative state and add a block mark to ensure his survival. In terms of control and assistance, the probability of hitting a basic attack will freeze, stun, and petrify the enemy. After the blood volume is lower than 50%, the probability will be increased to 40% each. Skill attack hits an uncontrolled enemy can clear the enemy’s anger, add a debuff that reduces the anger gain coefficient, and also has a higher probability of dispelling the enemy’s buff state. At the beginning of the four-effect round of the lord, the enemy’s resistance and control immunity are reduced, which improves the team’s overall combat capability. In summary, the editor believes that the source of pain, as a new hero of Dim, has stronger output and auxiliary effects. The hero is more powerful, and the summoner who likes Dim can summon 2 summoners. Hero attribute configuration, if you are at the superior side of the server, you will attack first; if you are at the inferior side of the server, you will first defend. Regarding the specific combination of heroes, the summoner can conduct full discussion and research.

Will you have this mage in your lineup?

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