Aktea – New Boss Introduction – Barbarian Ranger

Epic Summoners Aktea New Boss Introduction
Epic Summoners Aktea New Boss Introduction

With a new boost from the barbarians camp, the young Aktea, who was blessed by the ancestors, officially descended to accept the challenge of all the summoners in the Tower of Shadows. Now, please follow the editor to learn more about BOSS!

Hero Introduction

ancient times, a hundred races contended and fought endlessly. Even the same races were fighting each other because of their beliefs and interests. There are many barbarian wizards who worship all kinds of supernatural abilities, regardless of the gods and demons, get power from them. Frequent wars have caused severe damage to the barbarian tribes, and a large number of branched dead tribes have been destroyed, but their spiritual power has not completely disappeared.

Aktea was born with a vision, and he was considered to be a person sheltered by his ancestors. The little Aktea did not disappoint the expectations by showing extraordinary abilities. At the age of 6, successfully awakened the summoning ability, and the ancient battle spirit was permanently possessed. Although he is a young man, he is already an outstanding fighter in the clan. This week he will officially descend to the Shadow Tower of the Brave Continent.

It can be seen from the video that the ancient battle spirit has a BOSS template bonus and high blood defense, but from the point of view of damage, the overall output ability is weak, the basic attack is a sequential attack single body, and the skill is a group attack. The special attack effect is to reduce rage. Both basic attacks and group attacks have rage reduction effects. At the same time, it can be seen that the BOSS aura reduces rage for everyone (including yourself) every round. This is a powerful soft control effect. Relatively speaking, such a BOSS is relatively easy to challenge. Are the summoners ready to meet new challenges?

PS: Thursday after a routine update, the source of pain BOSS will be a direct replacement to the ancient fighting spirit, inherited levels and blood source of pain.

Update Announcement 
1 [Adjustment] The new BOSS “Ancient Soul of War” descends on the Tower of Shadows, replacing the Source of Pain
2 [Optimization] Optimize the novice guide

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