Moon Knight – The Guardian of the Human Camp

Moon Knight – The Guardian of the Human Camp

Moon Knight, the most staunch believer of the Moon God, the guardian of mankind, Luna, the Knight of the Moon, has officially arrived. Below, please follow the editor to learn about her details.

Hero Introduction

A slender figure standing in the moonlight, a beautiful and slim figure, and a dreamlike appearance. This is Luna, the Knight of the Moon. Under the blessing of the Moon God, Luna’s Moon Blade gained life. It can find the most vulnerable enemy on the battlefield and destroy it.   

In order to obtain the recognition of the Moon God, Luna went through strict penance. She went on a hunger strike, meditated, and practiced the skills of manipulating the moon blade. On the night of the full moon, Luna would stand under the waterfall and bear the icy rapids. Her piety is from the inside out, without the slightest doubt.

Hero Analysis

The Knight of the Moon and the Lady of the Storm have exactly the same attack logic, but the status effects are very different. Both the self bonus and the suppression of the enemy have been significantly improved. , So the positioning of the editor for her is the enhanced version of the girl of the storm.

In terms of attack, Moonrider has a stable total output per round and will increase as the number of rounds increases. As the number of enemies decreases, the amount of damage caused by a single enemy increases. In addition to direct attacks, the incidental burning and bleeding effects can also be used. Inflict continuous and stable damage.

Defensively, the first layer of the battle is directly filled with buffs. If you cooperate with your own permanent damage-free, you can directly increase the damage-free to the upper limit; if you are attacked to half blood, you can immediately restore the full layer of buff and dispel your negative state, as long as it is not By seconds, you can basically retain a life. In addition, there is a certain blocking effect after the skill is released (the priority is lower than the ignore block), which can also effectively improve the survivability.

In terms of attributes, the editor suggested that the Moon Knight should ensure survival, with attributes such as injury-free, violent, and resistance prioritized. If you have the ability, then consider the attributes of attack, such as armor penetration, crit, and damage.

In summary, the editor believes that the Moon Knight, as a new human hero, has strong defensive capabilities and very stable output capabilities. Although there is no strong burst, as long as it is stable for 3 rounds, it is a qualified DPS, and it is in cleaning up the mess. It can play a powerful role. Regarding the specific combination of heroes, the summoner can conduct full discussion and research.

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