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Huntress, the initial gods and demons of heaven and earth came to the world, and the prestige of panic spreads forever. The fourth hero of the ancient camp, the Hunting Ranger, the Goddess of Hunting, has officially arrived.

Hero Introduction

Beginning of Hongmeng, the beginning of the world, the earth is in chaos, everything is born from nothing, from simplified and multiplied, species continue to evolve and multiply. The four seasons change, time goes by, the heavens and the earth are clear, the living things are prosperous, and the vitality is everywhere, like the beauty of heaven.

The first group of creatures with extraordinary powers were called gods and demons. They were both leaders and oppressors. All creatures and things lived under their rule. Time flies and Vientiane is renewed. These ancient heroes who have been sleeping on their own seals have already felt the coming of the flourishing age. Even if their strength is inexhaustible, they are not afraid of any race.

Artemis was brilliantly talented, free and independent, and passionate about life in the wild. Bows and arrows are the most important symbol of Artemis. She also has the characteristics of wearing a sleeveless short skirt orion suit with animal skins and a beast hat. Surrounded by the nymph attendants, she hunts through the jungle. She is one of the gods most worshipped by ancient humans, and people gain power from her to hunt wild beasts.

Hero Analysis

Goddess of the Hunt is the fourth hero of the ancient camp, a ranger warrior, with less blood and a high state of attack. The editor has positioned her as a powerful output player and a small control field. Basic attacks provide status and attack bonuses to the goddess of hunting, while skill attacks cause massive damage, suppressing and cleaning up the entire field.

The goddess of hunting has strong offensive ability, but weaker defense ability. The“Hunter Instinct” skill allows the hero to release his own control state and increase his damage immunity after the death of his teammate, but it is still too weak for an enemy who has a powerful attack that can achieve a second kill. .

About the core “hunting mark”For the description of the skills, take the Four Lords of the Hunting Goddess as an example. Enemies that hit the mark will have reduced resistance and damage immunity during the effective round, and cannot be dispelled. All friendly forces attacking this target have a chance to ignore the armor, but only the hunting goddess with this status can cause a certain crit and dispel it. Gain effect.

Regarding the special description of the rage effect, the original description in the game is “causing additional skill damage and effects”, which not only causes additional damage but also has an additional BUFF bonus effect. For example, the skill of Goddess of Hunting 200 Rage can cause 300% damage, reduce the enemy’s attack by 60% and damage by 60%, but the probability remains the same as the 30% probability of being unable to move.

In summary, the goddess of hunting has a strong offensive ability, but the defense is an obvious shortcoming. When configuring, you need to make adjustments according to your own situation, stack output with full force or prefer defense to survive. The editor suggests that if conditions permit, multiple hunting goddesses can be equipped in the team. At the same time, as a pure ancient team, the attack ability will be greatly improved (the upper limit of anger will be increased).

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