Thor New Hero Introduction and Analysis

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The initial gods and demons of heaven and earth came to the world, and their panic spread forever. The second hero of the ancient camp, the sanction mage Thor, has officially arrived. 

Hero Introduction

Beginning of Hongmeng’s first world, the earth is chaotic, everything is born from nothing, from simplifying and multiplying, species continue to evolve and multiply. The four seasons change, time goes by, the heavens and the earth are clear, the living things are prosperous, and the vitality is everywhere, just like the beauty of heaven.

The first group of creatures with extraordinary powers were called gods and demons. They were both leaders and oppressors. All creatures and things lived under their rule. Time flies and Vientiane is renewed. These ancient heroes who have been sleeping on their own seals have already felt the coming of the flourishing age. Even if there is no one in their power, they are not afraid of any race.

The highest deity in Western mythology, the god with the most titles, and the avatar projection can also hang on all major planes. The god king Zeus, who is respected as the “god of the gods”, will also descend on the Continent of the Brave during the anniversary. The summoner can be summoned or exchanged directly.

Hero Analysis

Thor is the second hero of the ancient camp, the first professional hero of the mage, with outstanding attack ability. The skill attack must be hit by all the enemies and the target cannot be blocked or rebounded. It must be sanctioned by Thor. After multiple rounds, Thor attacks, critical strikes, and blast damage can all reach the upper limit. The basic attack is a single unit at the beginning, but it also evolved into a powerful group output effect after receiving the addition of the “electric conduction” skill and the Lord’s four skills.

In the extreme state, if six enemies are equally angry and paralyzed, Thor’s basic attack can cause all six enemies to suffer 1 basic attack damage + 5 real damage.

At the same time, after Thor releases the skills, there is a probability of dispelling teammates’ control status and no action marks. Therefore, Thor recommends to configure 2 in a team. In terms of hero attributes, attack attributes can easily reach their peaks through technology and skills. It is recommended to configure defense attributes such as injury-free, riot-free, and control-free. Thor is controlled and cannot release skills, so it cannot be dispelled. In addition to Asura, teammates are more suitable for supporting heroes with paralysis, such as Jiang Ziya.

For Thor’s plan, the team needs to have heroes who can flexibly change their anger (such as with stealing anger and rage statues) and heroes with an anger limit higher than 100 to effectively restrain Thor’s general attack ability.

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