Frosty Giant New Hero Introduction and Analysis

Epic Summoners Frosty Giant

With new help from the barbarian camp, the Frost Giant, the inheritor of Ymir’s bloodline, accepts the call of the barbarian wizard and officially arrives.

Hero Introduction

the prehistoric era long, long ago, the world was in chaos, there was no sand, no sea, no sky and no earth. In the middle of this chaos, there is only a deeply cracking, extremely huge gap, called the Jin Enjia Ditch. There is nothingness and emptiness in the entire chasm, with no trees or weeds.
In the endless darkness and the dense fog, Ymir, with a huge body, wanders in the chaotic world, looking for food. He is the ancestor of all giants, and he has given birth to a large number of descendants with different abilities. According to legend, Odin is also his child.

With the death of Ymir, the family of Frost Giants, which had the blood of their ancestors, disappeared. They were sleeping in the depths of the snow-capped mountains, fearing that they would be liquidated by other races. Time flies, and the once prehistoric era has long passed. Accepting the call of the barbarian wizard, the Frost Giant has since opened the frozen gate and once again descended on the Brave Continent.

Hero Analysis

The most important feature is the high blood high anti-high control, in particular the ability to control very strong, with half of the eight skills control instructions. At the beginning of the round, the control halo is triggered, the counterattack triggers the single freeze, and the high damage triggers the entire freeze. The released skills have multiple effects of slowing, freezing and stuns. At the same time, the output of the Frost Giant can also achieve good results. The four skills [Smashed Ice] can cause the hero to burst out high damage, and the 100% damage rebound of the fourth level lord skill can effectively restrain the lesser blood. The enemy outputs heroes. In summary, the editor recommends that the attribute configuration of Frost Giant is based on HP and exemption. As long as it survives on the battlefield, it can have a very large field control effect and unexpected damage ability.

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