Faerie Dragon New Hero Introduction and Analysis

Epic Summoners Faerie Dragon

Faerie Dragon, “HI, let’s play hide-and-seek!”, the wizard of elemental magic, the cute little Faerie Dragon, beloved by nature finally came.

Hero Introduction

It is not an orthodox dragon or an elven clan, but it is a group of lively elves, the darling of the god of magic. Faerie dragons have long and elegant wings, making these young dragons, which are almost the same in shape as chameleons, look docile and well-behaved. In addition, they have a deep cultivation of magic so that the common spells that people master cannot cause them too much. It hurts much, both in terms of appearance and inner affinity for magic, which left a deep impression of “close connection with elves”.

Hero Analysis

The element camp has always given people the impression of thick blood and high defense, but since Can Leopard joined, he changed his usual image, flashed high and explosive, and was an assassin. As the latest elemental camp mage, Faerie Dragon takes into account both output and control in positioning. In the hero demonstration video, Faerie Dragon has the second highest output and the best field control ability.

The basic attacks and skills are controlled by the group attack zone. The four skills of the lord have the same form of effect as the astrolabe, but they are stronger than the astrolabe. As long as the wizard dragon is on the field, it will be judged before the start of each round. For multiple Faerie Dragons, silence can take effect, but the probability is not directly superimposed, but is calculated independently for each hero.

For the configuration of the wizard dragon’s attributes, the editor recommends that it is more inclined to attack, such as attack, crit, and damage. The highest level of the current version is 300, and the elemental camp has obvious advantages in blood volume. It can focus on strengthening the offensive ability. With high-light heroes such as the remnant leopard and the sandstorm messenger, it is expected to make the elemental camp shine.

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