Mechanical Tyrannosaurus New Hero Introduction and Analysis

Mechanical Tyrannosaurus New Hero Introduction and Analysis.
Mechanical Tyrannosaurus – Epic Summoners

“Technology always guides the dungeon partners forward!” The biological overlord of the Cretaceous period has returned. With the latest scientific and technological power, what kind of spark can be produced by their combination? The dungeon assassin mechanical Tyrannosaurus has officially arrived. 

Hero Introduction

Tyrannosaurus rex, as the strongest carnivorous dinosaur, was the absolute overlord of the continent during the Cretaceous period, and all other creatures of the same period were its prey targets. With absolute power, they only believe in individual power, and have not developed a group civilization, and are eventually eliminated by nature.

After the remains of the Tyrannosaurus rex were excavated, the clever dungeon friends used their advanced technological capabilities to successfully clone a small Tyrannosaurus rex. Although the Tyrannosaurus rex is lacking in power, with the new customized mechanical armor, the mechanical tyrannosaurus was born and has become the strongest assassin in the dungeon camp.

Hero Analysis

Mechanical tyrannosaurus, which is not good at burst output, but focuses on the entire BUFF and later stage. Increase the speed of Tyrannosaurus to the top of the team. The first release of the skill can reduce the enemy’s entire armor and real armor, and then double the control state, the first role is perfectly reflected.

The exclusive feature of Tyrannosaurus is its restraint to the shield flow. Attacks hitting the enemy can disperse the opponent’s shield, and at the same time add temporary damage-free and real armor to itself. When facing the shield flow, the damage-free can be raised to the upper limit. Become a new generation of “Xiaoqiang”.

Hero attribute configuration recommendations, mechanical Tyrannosaurus can have multiple ways according to different team positioning. The editor suggests giving priority to survival attributes. At present, there are many shield heroes. Tyrannosaurus can easily disperse the shield to obtain damage-free stacking. Therefore, damage-free (resident) and control-free are the key requirements, and critical strikes and skill damage are required. Can effectively increase the amount of damage.

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