Valkyrie New Hero Introduction and Analysis

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Valkyrie, “Who says women are inferior to men? Women do not let the eyebrows.” With new human assistance, the battlefield commander Valkyrie Valkyrie has officially joined.

Hero Introduction

In the myths and legends of the Brave Continent, the goddesses are not only gods in charge of poetry, music, and love. They will also ride horses and gallop on the battlefield of the beacon like the male gods, using swords and blood to prove their abilities.

The frosty lines outline the graceful figures of their goddesses, but in the battle they have the strongest combat effectiveness of the entire legion. They take the sacred scriptures as the highest guide and follow the orders of the Supreme God. This is the guards of the goddess known as Valkyrie.

Hero Analysis

Valkyrie is an enhanced version of the Apocalypse, plus the Axe protection mechanism and F2 stun ability, the three are integrated , The auxiliary ability is more powerful. The skill is a single unit, attacking sequentially, and has a certain amount of damage, but more of it is burning and stun. Other skills are to improve the hero’s defense and counterattack capabilities, while providing multiple support and protection for teammates. Among them, the critical strike bonus and quick gain of anger are particularly significant, and it is better to match with the girl of the storm. Every arrow caused a critical strike has a 50% probability of regaining anger, and the ability to return to full anger can basically be achieved. So Valkyrie in terms of property to build, consider routinely recommended blood, free of violence, injury-free, resistance, useguarding the statue . Human recommended lineup: Valkyrie + Apocalypse + Frost Queen + Archangel of Justice + Storm Girl + Nezha. With Storm Girl and Nezha as the output core, other heroes provide attack defense assistance. If you feel that the output is not enough, you can replace the Apocalypse and the Frost Queen. If you have other lineup recommendations or tips, please leave a message! (Constructive lineup recommendation or hero analysis will be rewarded!)

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