Ice Crystal Phoenix New Hero Introduction and Analysis

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Ice Crystal Phoenix, “Destroy, accept the power of ice and fire!” The strong priest of the dark camp, a traitor of the Phoenix family, officially revenges the ice crystal phoenix after receiving the transformation of the dark secret energy.

Hero Introduction

“There is a bird that looks like a chicken, and it is called the phoenix.” The phoenix has always been the darling of heaven and earth. The phoenix has a noble temperament. It is not a phoenix tree, it does not eat, and it does not drink in Liquan. Therefore, they also cherish their own image very much, thinking that all those with flaws in their bodies are no longer the orthodox Phoenix family, and they are never allowed to express themselves to the outside world.

Flame Shirley is good in nature and has a very strong affinity for magic, but the color of her skin and feathers looks coquettish and cold, unique. Shirley, who had been discriminated against and grew up, wanted to prove herself by racial competition, but was notified that her qualifications had been disqualified before the start of the game. In order to prevent her from getting into trouble, she forcibly deprived her of the power to control the flames. Shirley, who has experienced such a big humiliation, has completely despaired of the race, and she wants revenge. She resolutely joined the dark camp, undergoing the transformation of the dark secret energy, turning the flames into frost, and she turned into an ice crystal phoenix to take revenge.

Hero Analysis

Ice Crystal Phoenix as a new priest in the dark, positioning and powerful assistance, and all the skills and effects are developed around control and healing. The basic attack target is at most three people. When someone on the enemy is frozen (the frozen target cannot evade), according to the effect of the lord four, it can provide three 40% attack single healing. The target of group attack skills is all the enemies. The probability of determining freezing and poisoning is calculated independently. Each target has a probability of triggering, and the control ability is extremely strong. At the same time, the ice crystal phoenix can effectively deter and restrain the resurrected hero, freezing after resurrection or restricting its resurrection.

Hero attribute configuration recommendations. The Ice Crystal Phoenix does not consider output, but only considers survival. Phoenix itself is weak in self-protection, so it should focus on improving the hero’s survivability, and configure free control, injury, and violence. To strengthen the healing ability, you can configure the two attributes of attack and healing effect.

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