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Jiang Shang, “Taigong Jiang is fishing, and those who wish to take the bait!” The legendary mage of the human camp and the ancestor of the historical celebrity soldier, officially went online.

Hero Introduction

Jiang Ziya, whose real name is Jiang Shang, is a native of the Dongyi tribe on the coast of the East China Sea, and has the same blood origin as the merchant. He was good at art of war, but he was never reused in the Shang dynasty, which was full of talents. After half a lifetime of misfortune, he finally took refuge in the energetic and ambitious Western human race at the time, Zhou Ren. With his talents in military strategy, he assisted the warriors of the Zhou family who were brave and good at fighting, but weak in art and strategy . King Zhou Wen, King Zhou Wu, and his sons all depended on and valued his military abilities, respected him as the “shang father.”

With the help of Jiang Ziya, King Zhou Wu finally established a new ruling dynasty that lasted for 800 years.

Hero Analysis

Jiang Ziya, as a new human mage, is based on positioning control and supplemented by output. However, if there are enough resources to cultivate output attributes, he can achieve strong control and violent output. It is one of the essential heroes of the human race. Jiang Ziya’s several characteristics, strong general attack control and perfect coupling with the effects of his own skills, is currently the only hero who has reduced the enemy’s control-free value, and high-control-free heroes such as Qitian Dasheng have a greater restraint effect. The two-way dispersal effect protects teammates and weakens the enemy. As a team support ability, it is also very strong. Multiple Jiang Ziya can trigger the effect separately.

Hero attribute configuration recommendations, the necessary attribute-resistance, strive to directly pile up the resistance to 100%. Support-oriented is to improve the hero’s survivability, with control-free, injury-free, and violence-free configuration; output-oriented is to configure attack, damage, blast damage, etc. Xiao Bian suggested that priority should be given to survival.

About control state illustration, game help section – have introduced special properties About seven state control, including: dizziness, frozen, petrochemical, silence, ridicule, blindness, paralysis, other states are not controlled.

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