Immortal Zombie New Hero Introduction and Analysis

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Immortal Zombie, “It’s not my fault to look cute, don’t underestimate me!” The immortal zombie officially joined the barbarian camp, becoming an ancient member, and resisting it. 

Hero Introduction

Barbarians as the oldest race in existence. They have gone through the changes of various times in the mainland and preserved some little-known legends and secrets. They are also good at going. Discover and reuse these energies that have long been forgotten by the world.

The mysterious ancient border country, they have a short but flourishing ancient history, and their power inheritance system is unique. Legend has it that the once powerful exorcist family relied on an endless army of zombies to rule this land for hundreds of years. As the zombies continue to consume, their corpse refining methods have become more cruel, and they have begun to target living people, especially children, and the zombies obtained have become more powerful. But what they didn’t expect was that the new zombies were alien, powerful and awakened. After knowing what happened to them, they resolutely chose to destroy the exorcists and the massive zombie puppets, and finally regained their lives.
With the unremitting exploration and excavation of the barbarians, the immortal zombies sleeping in the underground caves re-appeared in the world and formally joined the barbarians.

Hero Analysis

Immortal zombies as a new assassin in the barbarian camp (more like YOUXIA), skill group attacks and damage is not low, the core of ordinary attacks It is poisoning, and it can poison the enemy when being attacked and resurrected at the same time, and the probability is higher. Immortal zombies have high attack, bonus, and crit damage through skill buff, and there is a probability of ignoring armor once after resurrection. Therefore, the configuration of hero attributes should focus on hit and crit. Defense attributes are not recommended to be configured, and the resurrection effect Not to be wasted.

A description of the poisoning mechanism.
1, poisoning – loss of blood to damage over time effects can be dispelled, but free and control, there was no relationship between the resistance.
2. Poisoning-one action is prohibitedMarked effects cannot be immune or dispelled, and will disappear only after it takes effect once. 
3. The ability to refrain from blocking/rebounding as the lord’s immortal zombie is not directly related to the pure poisoning effect itself .
4. Poisoning damage can be superimposed. The poisoning effect caused by the same hero is first added by the coefficient and then the damage is calculated. For example, the current HP* (15%+15%); the poisoning effect caused by different heroes is calculated separately, and the next poisoning is deducted. The amount will be reduced, such as the current blood volume*(15%+(1-15%)*15%) .

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