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Restorer F5 Hero Introduction and Analysis, Epic Summoners. Age is not a problem, knowledge is power. The F5 type, the priest hero restorer in the dungeon camp has officially joined.

Hero Introduction

brave mainland goblin clan used to be slaves of other races. Due to their short stature and weak force value, they were tortured. However, long-term oppression cannot make them abandon their ideals of independence and freedom, starting from the details, lighting up the technological tree of ethnic characteristics, and relying on technology to flourish. The current dungeon camp is already one of the six major forces on the mainland.

The goblin clan came up with a lot of fantastic ideas and put them into practice. They will never slack in the pursuit of freedom and technological prosperity.

Age is not a problem, knowledge is power, and the Repairer F5 model explains this very well. Granny Bi was once famous for her invincible skills in making weapons, and with her unparalleled wisdom and peace of mind, she has always enjoyed honor and lived to an advanced age.

Skill introduction (level 3 skill effect) 
One skill-precision pulse

Launches 3 attacks on all enemies. Each time it causes 45% damage, each hit reduces the enemy’s immunity by 8% , hit by 8% , and has 50% chance to burn 8% for 2 rounds.

The high-frequency overall damage can reduce the enemy’s immunity and hits. The number of burns is calculated separately and can be repeatedly triggered to stack 3 layers.

The second skill-the mechanical master’s

Blood volume increased by 35% , the damage-free increased by 25% .

Improve the survivability of the hero.

Three skills-precision repair at the

Beginning of each round to restore the least HP of our hero is equivalent to 6% of the total health of the HP and make it gain 100,000 points of shield value.

Aiming at the least blood volume for precise recovery, regardless of whether there is a shield or not. 

Four skills-emergency repairs

Whenever our hero’s HP is below 50% , restore the hero ‘s HP by 20% of his total life , and increase his damage-free 25% for 2 rounds (each hero can only be triggered once ).

The number of triggers is calculated based on the number of F5 types of repairers on the field, and multiple triggers can be triggered multiple times, and the effects are triggered in the order of F5 stations.

Skill Introduction (Lord Effect) 

Level 1 Lord

“Precision Repair” disperse goal hero status when trigger control and unable to move mark .

 Deals an additional 20% damage to non-lord heroes .

 Add two more effects, and there are currently four effects.

Level 2 lord 

“Emergency Maintenance” enhancement: When the hero is triggered as a dungeon camp, the HP recovery is increased to 30% , the damage immunity is increased to 40%, and the number of continuous rounds is increased to 3 .

Improve the healing effect on the heroes of the dungeon camp, more often to improve their own recovery ability, and can increase the total immunity to the upper limit for 3 rounds.

Level 3 lord 

“Precise Repair” enhancement: At the beginning of each round, a random hero of the friendly dungeon camp ( without shield ) is selected as an additional target.

When attacked by a non-lord hero, damage is reduced by 20% .

When the local prison hero’s HP is not the least and the hero does not have a shield, it will trigger once more.

Level 4 Lord 

“Emergency Repair” enhancement: Perform 1 time on the triggered hero “Precision Repair” .

 Increases the 4-fold effect of “Precise Repair” to teammates with a blood volume below 50%, dispels control, restores blood volume and increases shields . As the first cleric professional hero in the dungeon camp, the

Hero Analysis

Restorer F5 New Hero Introduction has powerful control and healing abilities, and its healing effect on dungeon professional heroes is particularly significant; however, the output is relatively ordinary and the overall output is low. Regarding some analysis of the healing effect of the new hero, the repairer F5 type healing effect is mainly reflected in the two core skills of “precision repair” and “emergency repair” , and the lord effect is strengthened around these two skills. “Precision Repair” can add 4 effects to the teammate with the lowest blood volume at the beginning of each round. At the same time, in addition to the hero with the lowest blood volume, if there are “non-shielded”dungeon heroes (including F5 itself) in the team, they will gain additional skills. If there are multiple teams dungeon, the system will randomly select for treatment in the absence of the shield heroes; if all will shield, this skill does not trigger . “Emergency Maintenance” can trigger the number of times determined by the number of F5 in the team, and it is triggered in order according to the station position. If F5 dies, this skill will not be triggered again. In summary, the editor believes that the Repairer F5 is an excellent healer and a master of control, and is currently the only hero that can actively remove the prohibited action mark. Everyone can consider configuring it. One team can be equipped with 1-2 . In terms of hero attributes, you only need to consider the survivability. The permanent damage-free must be full (60%). It can be guaranteed that the triggered skill will be directly full-free. Other HP and violence-free are also needed. The control-free is of little significance. Can be lifted by oneself. In addition, particular importance is the team is not recommended

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