Sandstormer New Hero Introduction and Analysis

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All damage to the beautiful environment is unforgivable. The messengers of the sandstorm are born from the grievances of many creatures. They are peaceful but can only rely on the power of destruction to protect themselves. 

Hero Introduction

Thousands of years, there have been many powerful creatures who wanted to rule this vast continent forever. They were once prosperous, and they dare not follow the coercion. But as time goes by, everything is like a drop in the ocean, perishing in the long river of history, leaving only a few stories and legends.

Life is endless and the struggle is endless. This is the natural law of all things. The intensified battles of the six camps have left the continent without a peaceful place. Whether it is cities and villages, forests and snow-capped mountains, oceans and skies, everywhere has become a battlefield for them to show off their strength. The forests that used to be multi-species became barren and dead deserts, where many innocent lives were buried.

Hero Analysis

Sandstorm messenger’s core ability lies in the shield, through the shield to improve the defense of teammates, provide healing, and cause damage to the enemy, is a full auxiliary hero. As a full-time support, there are more heroes that can be matched, and the lineup changes more diverse. The amount of bleeding damage provided by the “Sand Shield” is calculated based on the real-time attack power of the shield user. Then, in conjunction with stealing heroes such as Monkey King, the bleeding effect can be maximized. The hero four skill “Sand Fury” will greatly improve the sandstorm messenger’s own defense and output ability, a total of 240,000 points of shield + 2000 real armor + 18% of total health return + 160% attack damage. Another explanation about the shield mechanism. 1. The shield can only resist direct damage, not bleeding, burning, and real damage . 2,

The broken shield has nothing to do with the number of attacks, and is related to the cumulative amount of direct damage. The amount of damage overflowed when broken will not cause a blood deduction on the hero. For example, after hero A is attacked twice, the shield value remains at 10 points , and he suffers 100000 points ofdamage, the shield is broken, and the hero does not deduct blood.

3. Only one shield can exist on the hero , and the new shield is only determined to replace the old shield in chronological order, and the shield value and special effects of the old shield are not inherited. Therefore, it is not recommended to put heroes with different types of shields together, as the original effect will be replaced.

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