Vast Sea Spirit New Hero Introduction and Analysis

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Vast Sea Spirit, “Let the ocean purify you”, the long-awaited dark deep sea assassin Void Sea Spirit is coming soon. 

Hero Introduction

In the deep sea mountains far away from the coastline of the brave continent, there is a family of murlocs. The strong pressure of the deep sea and many ferocious beasts make the murlocs flexible and good at fighting. All adult murlocs must personally surrender an alien blue shark, which is their ancient rite of passage. Among them, the best fighters will be given the title of Deep Sea Suit and “Void Sea Spirit”, which is the symbol and glory of warriors.

The murlocs who originally only wanted to stay in a corner of the world are increasingly feeling the earth-shaking changes in the world environment. If they do not act again, the future world may not have their living space. Therefore, they sent all the void sea spirits to accept the call of the Dark Sacrifice to travel across thousands of miles, just to prove themselves in the battle of the hundred races of the Brave Continent and earn a place for the future.

Hero Analysis

Void Sea Spirit as a new assassin in the dark camp, through the addition of camp technology and other bonuses, the output ability is good, plus skills Ignore the effect and can provide a lot of damage in battle. At the same time, Hailing has a defensive ability of up to 70% of the block amount, and is an excellent assassin integrating attack and defense.

In terms of attribute matching, Hailing has a must-have feature, so there is no need to configure a hit. Critical damage and bonus damage can greatly improve the hero’s attack ability. As long as you take fatal damage, you can trigger a high block, and after triggering, you can use additional skills, so the defense is not the key point. The statue is best to use bloodthirsty or guard.

The three-level lord special effect prevents the enemy from being resurrected as a brand-new ability that can bring major changes in the current battle environment. However, this ability can only take effect with the freezing of the Void Sea Spirit itself (basic attacks and skills), and there is no freezing caused by other heroes or the effects of the astrolabe.

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