Justice Angel New Hero Introduction and Analysis

Justice Angel – Epic Summoners

Justice Angels are inspired by pious human beings and have their duty to protect humans. The big sword in his hand represents justice, justice, judgment and punishment, and all summoners can go to summon (exchange).

Hero Introduction

Desolation of the Brave Continent that was invaded by demons. The devout humans who survived the war prayed in the church, hoping to be protected by the gods. Their willingness finally got a response, and the angel of justice Tyrael descended into the world. Tyrael is the most stubborn of all angels, he strictly abides by the law, rules and order.

Although he is a hero who rarely meets his opponents, Tyrael maintains fairness and justice all the time-his duty as an angel of justice. Tyrael’s residence looks like a huge auditorium. People with conflicts gather here. Their grief, their contradictions, and their demands will all be judged fairly here.

Hero Analysis

Angels of Justice as a new generation of human priests, which fills in the human camp’s shortcomings in terms of battery life, and at the same time has more buff status, which can make the team’s output Ability has been greatly improved. In terms of attribute construction, it is recommended to focus on defense, but also to ensure that the four skills can be released stably. 

Human lineup recommended: Apocalypse + Queen of Frost + Angel of Justice + Nezha + Lady of the Storm + arbitrary output. With Nezha and Girl of the Storm as the output core, other heroes provide assistance, and they can perform well regardless of whether it is a tailwind or an upwind. Terran heroes already have a relatively high degree of plasticity. Nezha and the Storm Girl are both important cores. They can match attributes and teammates according to the characteristics of different enemies. If you have other lineup recommendations or tips, please leave a message!

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