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“Brother Monkey, Brother Monkey, you are amazing!” As the most recognizable and representative hero in the myths and legends of the Brave Mainland, Monkey King officially joined the sacred camp this week. His arrival will surely bring new hope to the sacred partner. 

Hero Introduction

Sun Wukong is one of the most famous mythical heroes in the Brave Mainland. The ancestral home of Dongsheng Shenzhou, was conceived from the immortal stone since the beginning of the world. Because of leading the group of monkeys into the water curtain cave, he became the king of all monkeys and revered as the “King of Monkeys.” After going through thousands of mountains and rivers, he worshipped Subudi Patriarch to learn art as his teacher, named Sun Wukong, and learned the superb spells of seventy-two transformations, somersaults, and immortality.

The Monkey King, who was born with supernatural powers, first made trouble in the Dragon Palace to obtain the wishful golden hoop, and then made trouble in the underworld to go to the life and death book, and was later enlisted by the heavens to be entrusted with Bi Ma Wen. After humble position that low return Huaguoshan angry and beat the Rebels and his son, forcing its closure for the Jade Emperor Monkey and Monkey House was built in heaven.

Hero Analysis

Monkey most obvious two characteristics, namely, can be donecompletely free control at the same time is the sole owner of the immune burning effect hero; Second, grew in courage
, Whether it’s stealing attacks or every round of attack and damage increase, coupled with a large amount of anger increase every round, the longer the battle, the stronger the ability. Monkey King’s attributes must be guaranteed to be 100% free from control. This is the bottom line requirement, and then increase the critical strike damage attribute, equipped with a bloodthirsty statue, and both astrolabe skills, heroic spirits and blessings.

The recommended lineup of the sacred department: Panda Wine Fairy + Phoenix + Rui Beast + 3 Monkey King. Panda Brewmaster, Phoenix, and Rui Beast can form very good support abilities, and the output is the Monkey King and the core. For this lineup, it is recommended to choose the Heroic Astrology. The Monkey King’s general attack is aimed at one person. If the crit is hit, it can be directly reduced.

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