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“It’s him, it’s him, our hero-Little Nezha!” A special gift for the 61st Festival. The human mythical hero Nezha is arranged to go online. The small body is powerful, and all summoners can go to summon (redeem).

Hero Introduction

mythical hero Nezha is a fairy character who has been widely spread in the human race for more than a thousand years. It is the most indispensable and important character in the story of the gods. Without him, the legend of the gods is not complete. About his legends, there are mainly stories about the reincarnation of the spirit pearl, the slaying of the sea, the slaying of the flesh and the bones, the construction of a temple with dreams, the incarnation of a lotus, the prospering of the Zhou Dynasty, the three heads and six arms, and the sanctification of the flesh. , More fascinating.

“It’s him, it’s him, our hero-Little Nezha!” Seeing this familiar text, I will unnaturally sing along. The myth Nezha has a wide recognition and reputation and is a well-known hero in the human race. Wearing a celestial circle on the neck, wearing a huntian silk, a hand-held fire-tip spear, and a foot on the hot wheels, the mana is high and powerful, creating a prestigious name.

Hero Analysis

Nezha hero’s main positioning output takes into account the auxiliary ability, and it is one of the indispensable heroes of the human camp at this stage. The main pile hit, critical strike, the statue can choose to steal or guard, it is recommended to give priority to a Nezha to the fourth level of the lord, rather than multiple Nezha synchronization upgrade. At the same time, due to the burning effect of the second skill, Hot Wheels, it can also form a “fire squad” with Blazing Blade, Flame Lord, and Phoenix.

Human lineup recommended: Apocalypse + Frost Queen + Cleopatra + Nezha + 2 Storm Girl (or 2 Faceless). From the perspective of technology shaping, the Faceless Man has a lower cost, and the multiple pursuit mode of the Faceless Man can also be matched with Nezha. But in general, the attack mode of the Storm Girl is more universally adaptable and has more depth of development. The editor still recommends using the Storm Girl as the core output for matching.

The mixed team explained that with the addition of new members, the “arson team” is stronger and can be tried. At the same time, the assassin team of Old Tree of Life + Barbarian King + Elf Queen + Death Messenger + Eagle Eye + Nezha has extremely strong output capabilities. Summoners who want to play exciting may wish to give it a try.

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