New hero introduction | Ancient War spirit, the barbarian camp control fury ranger is online Aktea

Ancient War Spirit Epic Summoners

With new help from the barbarian camp, the ancient war spirit of the Fury Control Ranger has officially arrived. Below, please follow the editor to learn about his detailed information. The first thing to show is the skill demonstration video of the hero’s first appearance.

Aktea New hero introduction | Ancient battle spirit, the barbarian camp control fury ranger is online

Hero Introduction In the
ancient times, a hundred races contended and fought endlessly. Even the same races were fighting each other because of their beliefs and interests. There are many barbarian wizards who worship all kinds of supernatural abilities, regardless of the gods and demons, get power from them. Frequent wars have caused severe damage to the barbarian tribes, and a large number of branched dead tribes have been destroyed, but their spiritual power has not completely disappeared.

Aktea was born with a vision, and he was considered to be a person sheltered by his ancestors. Little Aktea did not disappoint the expectations and showed extraordinary abilities. At the age of 6, successfully awakened the summoning ability, and the ancient battle spirit was permanently possessed.
At 8 o’clock in the morning this Friday , the Ancient Battle Spirit officially debuted! At the same time this week, a two-week Midsummer Carnival mainline drop redemption event will be launched. All summoners can go to summon and redeem. Good luck!

Hero Analysis:

As a new ranger of the barbarian camp, the core ability is to control anger, the hero’s damage ability is more general, and the defense ability is slightly stronger. The target of the general attack is the hero with the highest enemy’s rage value, who can accurately locate and steal the opponent’s rage. The skill attack effect can cause 7 effects, and double anger can maximize the hero’s ability. The skill effect of 

200 Anger is to cause 250% damage to all enemies, reduce the enemy’s 40% anger gain coefficient and 80% chance of crit. There is a 40% probability to clear their anger directly, and it can also increase their own 50% temporary damage immunity. 100%anger gain coefficient and 100 anger points.

The Lord’s 4 skill is a two-way debuff, which has a probability of reducing anger on both enemies and friends, and the enemy has a higher probability. If there are multiple ancient battle spirits in battle at the same time, the probabilities are calculated independently (that is, the anger reduction is determined 2 times). At the beginning of the ancient battle spirit round, the aura probability is determined to reduce rage, and then the rage return effect of the “Ancestor’s Blessing” skill is calculated .

In summary, the editor believes that the Ancient Battle Spirit is a very good anger controller, and at the same time has a strong survivability, and can play a strong role in the current combat environment. In terms of hero attributes, focus on strengthening survival and preventing being seconded. Teammates should try to be heroes with more than 100 points of anger, otherwise it may affect the ability of teammates to release. Regarding the specific combination of heroes, all summoners are welcome to discuss and research.

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