New hero introduction | Jormungand, the elemental camp poison warrior is online

Jormungand Epic Summoners

Venom, this is the strongest ability given by the ancestors. The elemental camp poison warrior Yemengade, Jormungand, officially joined. Below, please follow the editor to learn about its details. The first thing to show is the skill demonstration video of the hero’s first appearance.

New Elemental hero Epic Summoners Jormungand

Hero Introduction
According to ancient legends, the snake of the world was thrown into the endless deep sea by the main god Odin, trapped by his weight and the pressure of the sea, unable to break free. Its size is extremely huge, if it is fully stretched out, it can wrap the entire seabed.

The legend is not true or false, but there is a family of vipers who claim to be descendants of Yemengada. Although the blood is thin and the shape is very different, the eyes open in the belly is daunting.
At 8 o’clock in the morning this Friday , Yemengade officially debuted! At the same time this week, a two-week Children’s Day mainline drop exchange event will be held. All summoners can go to summon and exchange. Good luck!

Warm reminder that
Yemengade will be launched soon, and the skill effect (skill value) may be slightly changed. For the final attributes and effects, please refer to the official server.

Hero Analysis: 

As an elemental warrior, Yegameng, Jormungand, has a proud blood volume and a high survivability foundation. The hero’s attack power is not high, but he is good at late attack. As long as he is attacked, there is a probability that he can poison the enemy, and cause damage and control to the enemy through poisoning. The hero’s core ability is poisoning, so it’s especially important in attribute configuration to strengthen survivability, avoid violent dodge, and so on. Due to the probability of “Eternal Mark”, the probability of release of control and release improves the ability to avoid damage, and the ability to avoid control and damage is no longer Is the key. The first skill of the lord and the third skill of the lord have a certain resistance to each other. If the enemy hero is poisoned, the attack will be rebound. The settlement can immediately cause considerable damage but the rebound ability is removed. In summary, the editor believes that Yemengade is currently the strongest poisonous hero with strong survival and control capabilities. All teams can be equipped with one in the first place to absorb damage and poison the enemy. Regarding the specific combination of heroes, all summoners are welcome to discuss and research. Update Announcement 1 [Hero] Yemengade, debuting on May 28th, has four skills: Reincarnation Gaze, Eternal Binding, Corrosive Skin, and World Snake 2

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