The new BOSS, the holy priest, Djinn in the Tower of Shadows, is here!

“Young man, speak your wish!” The new BOSS of the sacred camp, the Djinn with mysterious powers, officially descended, accepting all the summoners’ challenges in the Tower of Shadows. Now, please follow the editor to learn more about the Saint BOSS!

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Background introduction

There is such a myth and legend circulating in the central region of the Brave Continent. In the legend, there is a magic lamp with magic power. Just rub the lamp surface gently to summon the lamp god, and the lamp god can realize the three wishes of people.

The magic lamp has always been a sacred object of the sacred camp. It is the residence of the souls and magic of all the deceased ancestors. The spirit of the magic lamp is called the lamp god, and can provide strong support to teammates on the battlefield. The new BOSS priest of the holy camp will officially descend on the Tower of Shadows this week. The following is the battle record of the editor.

From the video, it can be seen that the general attack of Deng Shen is 1 player, the attack power is low, the damage is not high, and the skill is all damage, and there is a high probability of blindness. The residual blood status of the Djinn will trigger the shield and return blood from anger. From the battle point of view, when the Djinn triggers dodge, it will also return blood and anger. Therefore, the most important attribute of the Djinn should be dodge. When challenging, you need to pay attention to improving your team’s hits. Relatively speaking, such a BOSS is relatively easy to challenge. Are the summoners ready to meet new challenges?

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